Before scheduling a piano tuning in Delaware or in the Philadelphia area, your piano tuner will talk with you over-the-phone prior to your piano tuning to find out how long it’s been since your last tuning and to discuss the present condition of your piano. Often a customer will let the piano tuner know if there are any noticeable issues such as piano keys that are sticking or any types of buzzing noises or sounds that might be coming from the piano.

If more than a standard piano tuning is required, your piano tuner will diagnose the problem when he arrives, discuss the added cost of service and correct the issues during the same service call if his schedule allows it. If necessary, a second piano service appointment can be easily scheduled on a different day in order to complete the additional needed piano repairs. Whatever the condition of the piano might be, your Delaware piano tuner will always work along with you so as to find the most economical and appropriate course of action needed in order to bring the instrument to its highest potential. Once any repair issues have been addressed, your piano tuner Wilmingon DE can begin working on tuning your piano.

Before a standard tuning, your piano technician will  check each piano key to make sure they are functioning properly. Fairly often, the piano may not have been tuned for several years, and as a result the piano may be in need of pitch raising. This is comparable to having two piano tunings in one visit: one rough tuning to raise the pitch and one fine tuning to optimize the sound.

Whatever type of tuning or piano repair work is being done, it will, of course, most likely be able to be completed in the same location where you keep your piano; whether it’s in your home or studio, a concert hall, a school or church, or any other type of facility. Your DE piano tuner, Kenneth Keith Piano Services, provides piano tuning Wilmiington DE and a variety of other piano services such as piano repairs, voicing, piano appraisals, regulation, piano sales, and more in the surrounding Wilmington, DE areas, as well as in the Philadelphia, PA area.

For dependable piano services, please call us to schedule your next piano services appointment.