Testimonials from some of our satisfied customers

Ken Keith has been tuning my piano for over 7 years. I consider him a dear friend and a competent technician. I have been very pleased with Ken’s service and the performance of my piano. I have played the piano for over 36 years and appreciate a piano that is in tune and well voiced. I have always been impressed with the care and attentiveness he takes as he goes through the process of tuning. I really appreciate Ken’s professionalism and dedication.

Julie E.
Dover, Delaware

Coastal Concerts has been using Ken Keith for its piano tuning needs since 2001. The service received has always been totally dependable, and of the high quality demanded by professional performers.

Gavin Braithwaite
Coastal Concerts Production Coordinator

Mr. Keith has been servicing our grand piano for almost 10 years. We had it shipped here from Texas and he adjusted it beautifully on its arrival. Every 6 months he comes to our home and carefully and thoroughly tunes it and recommends the appropriate care. He is a wonderful and caring man and we cannot recommend him enough!

Drs. Vincent and Kelly Abbrescia

Kenneth Keith and more recently his son, Kenneth Jr.have kept our piano well tuned for many years. Their professional manner and expertise have been much appreciated.

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Sturtz