piano-1What sets us apart from other tuners?

When we come to initially tune your piano we evaluate the overall condition of your piano. We want to make sure that it is tuneable. We check to make sure the pins have the proper tension, that the “bridges” are secure. That your action is working properly, that the keys are level. We make sure your pedals are adjusted, most tuners overlook the pedal adjustment. We also check to make sure the bench legs are tight.

We truly care about your instrument, and we realize that in most cases the piano has great sentimental value. So we want to make sure that it continues to bring years of memories.

  • Piano Tuning Services
  • Pitch Raise
  • Regulation & Voicing

piano-2Most minor repairs will be done in your home, if there are any major repairs to be done we would have them done in our shop.
We do not do any refinishing work, though we have a refinisher that does beautiful work, and generally can do minor touch-ups in your home.


piano-3We do not move pianos, but we have a list of recommended movers.
We also buy and sell pianos.
Appraisals, yes we do those as well.
Need a Piano Teacher? Ask and we will refer you to one based on your needs.