As your piano tuner Wilmington DE, parents of new piano students often ask me if it’s important to have their piano tuned when their child is beginning to take piano lessons. I always tell them yes, and that it’s very important for several reasons.

First of all, when tuned, your piano will be much more soothing to play, and as a result your child will gain a greater reward for the effort that he or she puts forth to practice and learn piano.

Secondly, the piano will sound the same as their teacher’s piano, so this will make it much easier for the student to learn.

It is important to realize that learning to play piano is not an easy task for a person to undertake. Knowledge tests indicate that playing piano is the most complex neural activity that has been found. This explains why it is that children who learn how to play the piano do better in math and reading, and they have more success in multiple areas of their adult lives, and these results are well documented in scientific literature.

Therefore, it is not just about whether or not your child simply learns to play the piano, because when you help your child learn to play piano, you are also potentially helping them to have greater success in many areas of their adult lives.

Parents will often say that they don’t expect their child to ever excel at music. When they tell me this, I answer them with the story of  Aaron Copland. His parents had paid for lessons for his older siblings without any success. However, when he came along, his parents refused to give him piano lessons. He had such a desire to learn, though, that as soon as he could earn some money he actually paid his older sister to teach him how to play the piano. Aaron Copeland, of course, eventually became one of America’s greatest composers.

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