As your Piano Tuner Wilmington DE , I frequently find that piano owners are not aware of the importance of regular piano tuning.  The following is an explanation that may help with understanding this issue.

There are basically two major reasons to tune a piano regularly:

To benefit the player

To benefit the piano, so it will last longer

This article will discuss the importance to the player, and a subsequent article will discuss why your piano will last longer if it is maintained properly.

Numerous studies have found that children who play piano perform better on math and language tests, and have more success in multiple areas of their adult lives. This may be explained by other studies by neurologists that found piano playing to be one of the most demanding and complex activities they have found for the human brain to perform.

Learning to play piano usually requires significant effort before the student reaps the reward of beautiful music. It is important, then, that the piano be in excellent condition, so that the student is rewarded as soon as possible for his or her effort. Without that reward, it is common for a student to get frustrated and give up studying. If that happens, it is rare for them to get their enthusiasm back. As a parent, then, you really have only one chance.

The reason pianos need regular piano maintenance is that a piano has over two hundred strings averaging 150 lbs. tension each. That multiplies out to 30,000 lbs. of tension, which a wooden structure cannot maintain for a significant length of time. For concerts, pianos are often tuned before rehearsal, and then tuned again the same day before the performance. That is what it takes for them to be in perfect tune. For the home, that would be impractical, so every piano maker recommends tuning at least twice a year in the home. That interval will be adequate to keep the piano in good enough condition for the student to learn to play.

By keeping your piano in optimal condition, the student will get the most reward for his or her effort when playing the piano, and they will be more likely to continue their studies.

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