As your piano tuner Wilmington DE, I often hear from piano students about their lessons and progress. I think some of their reports will be useful to parents in these times.

There are a number of advantages resulting from continuing piano study during these times of isolation. One of the most important is that playing music helps calm agitation and worry. Music is well-known to calm the nerves, and it seems to be especially helpful these days. Depending on the skill of the musician, it also has the potential of calming the nerves of listeners in the family, as well as the player.

Additionally, for children who are not able to go the school, regular music practice can help create some regular scheduled activity. That can help give structure to a day that could otherwise feel without form.

It is also well-established that music study helps develop the brain. That can help make up for the lack of intellectual stimulation when there is no school. Music is known to help stimulate creativity, and it is documented to help students progress faster in math and reading.

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