As your Piano Tuner Wilmington DE, I prepare the pianos for many teachers in the area.  September is typically the time for piano lessons to resume.  While most piano teachers have their studio piano tuned this time of year in preparation for lessons, I find that it is important for teachers to also remind students’ parents to tune their pianos before lessons resume.

It is easy for a teacher to assume that parents know enough to have their piano tuned every year before lessons begin, but that usually is not the case.  The prevailing belief among parents is that if the student does not complain about the tuning of the piano, then the tuning is adequate.  The trouble with that belief is that students are not trained to know when a piano needs tuning.  Pianos have over two hundred piano strings that average about 150 lbs. of tension each.  As a result, pianos are constantly dropping in pitch as the tension on strings gradually releases.  Typically a piano gradually drops in pitch equally, so that it sounds okay when played by itself.  The problem is that the student’s piano will gradually reach a different pitch than the teacher’s piano.  As a result, the student will find it more difficult to learn their lessons.  Their time and talent will be wasted, and the parents’ money for lessons will be less productive  as well.

Students will achieve far greater success from their piano study when their piano sounds correct and gives them the reward of beautiful music after their investment of time and effort in learning and practice.  Neurologists have reported that playing the piano is the most complex activity that has been recorded for the human brain.  That is why students who study piano do so much better in other academic pursuits.  The other side of the coin is that playing the piano requires a great deal of effort and concentration.  Without the reward of beautiful music, it is easy for a student to get frustrated and give up an activity that could help them achieve greater success in multiple areas of their life.

As your Delaware Piano Tuner, I recommend the investment of regular tuning of your instrument as an investment in your child’s overall success in life.  If you are a teacher, it’s important that you remind your students of the need for a piano tuning as you schedule the students’ lessons for the fall. Please call us or email us to schedule a tuning. Along with the Delaware area, Kenneth Keith Piano Services also serve the Philadelphia, Eastern Shore MD and So New Jersey areas.