As your piano tuner Wilmington DE, Kenneth Keith Piano Services would like to provide you with some suggested questions to ask a piano technician:

How long will it take to tune my piano?
How much do you charge?
Does my piano need major repair work or just some simple adjustments or a tuning?
Will you ask for my approval beforehand if any unexpected additional piano tuning or piano repairs work is needed?
Will you guarantee your piano work if I am not fully satisfied?
How often should I have my piano tuned?
Does weather have an influence on my piano?
Can you recommend someone for any type of piano services work that you might not do?

Remember, you can always find out more about a piano tuner’s character and their business ethics through requesting references from them and checking their online reviews. Your piano tuner should be able to educate you about the tuning and/or repairs process, and they should also communicate well with you.

Look for someone who is both kind and courteous, as well as flexible. Seek a piano technician who thoroughly understands all of the technical aspects of a piano. Be sure to let them know specifically what your piano is being used for. For example, is it strictly for home use, or is it being used for concerts, theater, school, church, or as a learner piano, etc.?

If the piano requires major work or needs complete rebuilding, look for a piano tuner who will recommend someone who specializes in that kind of repair if he or she does not offer piano restoration services.

At Kenneth Keith Piano Services, your Wilmington DE piano tuning expert, we can take care of the majority of minor piano repairs in your home; however, if there are any types of major repairs needed, we can have those done in our shop.

We do not do any piano refinishing work, but we do have a piano refinisher whom we can recommend that does beautiful work. Minor touch-ups can often be done right in your home.

If you have any questions about your piano services needs, please feel free to give us a call or email us. If you prefer, you can contact us through our website contact us form. We proudly serve Wilmington DE and the surrounding areas, as well as Philadelphia, Eastern Shore Maryland and the Southern New Jersey areas.