Pianos have literally thousands of individual parts. After many years of use, the parts will wear out and some breakage may occur. However, most of the parts that are found in the piano action seldom break, even after years of constant use. If a piano part does break or wear out, the piano parts can often be either repaired or replaced by a skilled piano technician. Your piano tuner Wilmington DE does both piano repairs and piano tuning in Delaware, Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and the Eastern Shore Maryland areas.

On vertical pianos, the most common piano parts that need replacing are called the “bridal straps.” When a piano action is removed for servicing, the bridal straps are essential for holding the piano action together. If the bridal straps begin to break on a piano, it is more efficient to replace an entire set of bridal straps rather than repeatedly replacing just a few at a time.

Another common type of piano repair is replacing or filing worn piano “hammers.” When filing the piano hammers, the piano technician will carefully shape the hammers in order to remove cut marks that have been caused by piano strings. Shaping the hammers can often greatly improve the tone of a piano. However, if the wear on the hammers is severe, it may be best to replace the hammers.

Older pianos may develop loose tuning pins when the wood around the piano tuning pins dries out or cracks. If a piano has loose tuning pins, they can often be pounded farther into the wood and will stay tight for several years. If the pins are extremely loose, however, replacement with larger diameter tuning pins may be required in order to improve the tuning stability.

Replacing broken piano keys or installing a new set of piano keytops gives a piano more of a “brand new” feel, both in terms of a piano looking its best and when it is played.

Keeping your piano performing at its best with regular piano maintenance, piano tuning and any piano repairs as needed are all essential ways to ensure that you and your family members will enjoy their musical experience 100%.

Your DE Piano Tuner, Kenneth Keith Piano Services, can help you out with a plan for regularly scheduled piano maintenance and precise tuning of your piano.