As your piano tuner Wilmington DE, our last post explained some of the significance of the complexity of piano music. The piano keyboard and the touch-sensitive action of the piano allows for much more complex music on the piano, than on any other instrument. This fact has several repercussions. If you have not read our last post, this would be a good time to read it, so that the following information makes more sense.

In our last post, we explained what a touch-sensitive keyboard is, and its superiority for composition. In this post, we will discuss the benefits to the pianist of learning to play such complex music.

You may have heard that research shows that a child who learns to play piano will have an easier time learning math and language skills, and will have greater success in multiple areas of adult life. This is explained by statements of neurologists who report that playing piano is the most complex activity that they have found the human brain to perform. Apparently, the neural demands of learning to play piano result in benefits beyond the area of music. The brain is developed by the study of music, and the ability to perform complex tasks spills over into other realms. For your child to learn music, then, is a greater gift than just to learn to play music.

That is not to diminish the importance of personal musical expression. Music is an expression of our inner beauty, spirit, and emotions. The more complex the music, the more satisfying it can be for the performer. The fact that a piano keyboard is touch-sensitive adds a significant level of complexity above just playing the notes, and it adds a huge level of satisfaction for the player, giving the pianist the ability to play much more expressively.

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